CBCT 3-D Digital Imaging

What is CBCT?

Cone Beam Computed Tomography is a relatively new digital three-dimensional imaging technology, which has been specifically developed for imaging of the teeth and jaws. With this German made state-of-the-art Sirona Orthophos XG CBCT machine we can achieve greater diagnostic accuracy for all dental cases ranging from root canal treatment to implant placement, and the 3D software provides precise anatomical measurements and the opportunity to evaluate and document incidental findings with the lowest possible radiation dose.


Clinical use:

  • we will benefit from the seamless clinical workflow. With just a few clicks of a mouse, we can perform a complete range of tasks, such as generate X-ray images, perform in-depth diagnostics, treatment plan and order surgical guides.

  • Orthodontically we will benefit from high-quality 2D cephalometric images, as well as optimized therapy planning in indications such as unerupted teeth when using the 3D volumetric capabilities.

  • We will enjoy the ability to instantly view digital images required for endodontic procedures, combined with the crisp, well-defined 3D volumetric images for revealing canal shapes and anatomies, as well as precise measurements for canal depths, widths and apicoectomy procedures

Also, our onsite CBCT machine can save our patients a trip to a Radiology Centre and without the need of additional appointment.

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