Vanessa, our Oral Health Therapist visited Goodstart Early Learning Centre, Payneham. Vanessa talked all things teeth and spoke about what to expect at the dentist.


The Australian Dental Association advises whilst waiting until your child has a full set of teeth before they visit the dentist for the first time might seem sensible, the general rule of thumb is that this visit should happen by 12 months old or when their first tooth becomes visible. Early dental visits will help protect your child from tooth decay by educating you on what you need to do to keep their teeth healthy as well as building your child's confidence in the dental setting. Your child may also be eligible for Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).


Your child is deemed eligible for the CDBS by Medicare, who administers the program, if:

• they’re within the applicable age range for at least some of that year • they qualify for Medicare;

• and you receive either Family Tax Benefit Part A, Parenting payment or Double Orphan Pension payments for at least some of that year.


Your child can still access CDBS services throughout a particular calendar year regardless even if your circumstances change. Even so, it’s still worth confirming with Medicare that your child still qualifies for CDBS before phoning your dentist to book an appointment. Keep in mind that not all dentists perform services under the CDBS; it’s best to check with your dentist if they do prior to booking in for treatment. Smile Point Dental will happily provide services under the CDBS. To discover more about this beneficial program, and whether your child is eligible, call Medicare on 132 011 or visit the Department of Human Services website.

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